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Hi all. My name is George Coutsoudis. Thanks for coming by.


As with everyone else on this planet, I have had an array of experiences in life. I take in the information, become the ultimate stimulus response mechanism. Apply it through my filters. I then walk around with my interpretation of what I have seen, heard and felt , and pray that it vibes with the interpretations of my loved ones around me.


Sometimes they don't! And this can be good for songwriting. But hey I'd rather have the good vibes and have to work that little bit harder to write the tunes.


Anyhow, if I had to precis my life, I'd say the following. I trust this is not indulgent - I can assume that if you are still reading then you wouldn't mind.


My first introduction to music was via the Adam and the Ants album - KINGS OF THE WILD FRONTIER.

It blew my 8 year old skull. The rhythm with the two drummers, the guitar work, and then that gorgeous flamboyant frontman that is Adam Ant.


For me melody is born in rhythm, and the rhythm in this band is timeless for me.


I started playing piano at age 9. My first teacher did not work out for me, so I stopped. Then the following year a new teacher came to teach piano at my school. His name was Peter Efstratiou. I owe him so much - he instilled a love for music and composing in me. He has sadly passed on. I miss him a lot. 


I studied Music Composition at University. Wits University in Johannesburg. A Bachelor of Music. And btw I'm Facebook buddies with my Composition Prof! 


I am so proud of that degree. I have always had a lot of trouble with my sight reading - and my degree was a slog. But I did it! With Distinction too.


I worked as a singer in South Africa and Zimbabwe. A true dream came true when I was able to work in a trio show with Joseph Clark and Luciono Zuppa, two giants in the Musical Theatre scene in South Africa. I was star struck.


I came to study at a Musical Theatre School, Mountview, In 1998. Wow! WHAT A YEAR! What amazing people I met, and what an education it was. 

I was so lucky - to have that opportunity. And to have had all the financial backing I needed from Dad and Mom.


Thanks Dad and Mom.


It gave me tuition, it gave me structure, it gave me a circle of friends in a country I'd only recently moved to (from South Africa). I was so lucky.


And I got an agent from it too, from the showcase.


That led to work in the West End, UK Number one Tours, South Korea and Taiwan. The shows were FAME, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, AND DICK WHITTINGTON. Wow- again I feel so lucky to have experienced that - all the friends I met, and the amazing work I was a part of.


Most recently, in October, I sang at The Royal Albert Hall as part of a show called THE BEST OF THE WEST END.

What a magical honour it was to walk those hallowed boards.


Anyhow back in 2004, I stopped working in Musical Theatre. It was quite a big step for me. I remember I was dead set on becoming a rock star (I know, I know - but hey I am enjoying being honest here ).


Anyway, what I didn't know, is that my decision was about paving a life for where I am today - married, a father of two, and having a life with a through line.


I personally would not have been able to achieve the through line with the hecticness that is Musical Theatre. 


So now I write and sing my songs. If anyone else wants to sing them then that would be so awesome too.

I record in my studio, I post online, and I try do it in a place of non expectation and enjoyment.


I now know I will never be a rock star . I now know I never wanted to be a rock star. I now know how ridiculous this is all sounding! 


But seriously you know what I mean.


I still crave some form of success though - of course I do. But wether its having a tune placed in a film or tv gig, or wether Emile Sande (yes let's dream why not) sings a song of mine, I do it from a place of enjoyment and non ego now. 


I just want to be creative, have fun, and better yet get paid for it!


A melody falls from the sky.

You love it, you live it, you build it.


And you hope others have a listen.


Thanks so much for making it through to this heartfelt goodnight . 


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December 5, 2018

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