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Hello! Thanks for visiting. 


Music has always meant the world to me. It’s the one true way I can communicate my thoughts.


When using creativity as an outlet, it’s all up for grabs. I can write about myself, I can write about others. I can fantasise about a situation that I find myself in and write about that too. And live it as mine for that moment. 


That’s why artists stay young and never ‘grow up’. We are always dreaming!


My website serves as a nod towards what I feel I have given to the world, as small and insignificant as it may seem to the Music Industry. 


What counts for me is MY industry. The realisation that  commercial success does not define personal success. 


These songs, as awesome or as shit as they are - are MY SUCCESS STORY. 


And I want to share my joy in success with my friends, my family, and for any new and willing ears. 


Your attention and energy in listening are the greatest gifts in the world to me- thanks. 

Build it - live it - LOVE IT. Whatever your 'IT' is.


George ❤️

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