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build it

live it 

love it


In the middle of the night  comes a distant dream 

there's a voice in my head, and it's yours it seems

a pure tone of which I'll never tire 

I hear the force of an angel choir 

singing along to your strings of Flamenco Fire.

In the middle of the night comes a longing wish

for your voice for your footsteps tp grace my way 

for dulcet tones in the still of night

as I lay on my pillow and the world seems right 

a reverie in your glow of flamenco fire.

Fire. Flamenco Fire ,

Crash land to my fact

to my here and now,

Want to leave all my thoughts

please won't you take me back there now

Take me back to your place of flamenco fire


Take me back to your place of flamenco fire.

I do my best to relax and go back to sleep

but that song in my head just won't release me.

It's playing on as I walk the wire 

I try make sense of these dizzy heights

in this world where I miss your flamenco fire.

Flamenco Fire.

How I miss your Flamenco Fire.

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